Rachel Winters, owner

Siskiyou Gardens is a small specialized nursery in Grants Pass Oregon, open by appointment only.
  • Phone 541-476-6243 or email for an appointment.
  • Bonsai starts from the small and simple to the complex
  • Finished bonsai ready for your own display or as a unique gift

Pottery and Bonsai

Below: a small selection of my bonsai and pottery. Email or phone to visit the nursery and see my full stock.

Trident maple grove and Japanese maples

Dwarf chamaecyparis, boxwood, cotoneaster and
quite old hemlock

Maples, burning bush and cedars

Quaking aspen and various conifers

Cryptomerias and more

Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘plumosa compressa’ and Kingsville boxwood

Katsi with bonsai

Assorted bonsai

Japanese maple

‘Morris Midget’ dwarf boxwood

Japanese maple

Shimpaku juniper, Chamaecyparis ‘plumosa compresa’

Katsi likes to help out

Katsi loves the pottery

Various Chamaecyparis varieties

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Please phone 541-476-6243 or email if you'd like to come see our nursery stock (located in Grants Pass, Oregon).

Phone 541-476-6243 or email for an appointment.