Rachel Winters, owner

Siskiyou Gardens is a small specialized wholesale nursery in Grants Pass Oregon, open by appointment only.
  • Shaped pines, dwarf conifers and other specimens especially for containers and Asian-style gardens
  • Bonsai starts from the small and simple to the complex
  • Finished bonsai ready for your own display or as a unique gift

Visit Siskiyou Gardens on a local art tour

Visit Siskiyou Gardens during the weekend of September 24-25, between 10-4 as part of Open Studios: How Art is Made, sponsored by the Grants Pass Museum of Art. Tickets are $20 and available at various locations in Grants Pass. Here’s a link to the Facebook page about it:

Scroll down the page and you’ll see a photo of several of my pieces, as shown in the flyer on the right.FB OS Rachel Winters

Artist’s statement:

I love ancient white oaks with twisted branches and gnarly trunks; the peeling bark of madrona; and the graceful form of a Japanese maple. I love the white star flowers on kousa dogwood and the bones of beech that show when the leaves have fallen.

Rare trees and common trees. Native trees and exotic trees. Trees misshapen by weather and misfortune. Flowering trees in spring and bare trees in winter.

So how do I show my adoration? I make bonsai and the pots they live in. A combination of horticulture and art. I can train a little tree by exposing the roots and prune to emphasize each ones unique shape and character.

I create plates and vases out of clay with tree designs where I can reflect the texture of bark and the beauty of line and form.

And as often as I can I take a walk in mossy woods for inspiration and to express gratitude for wild nature.

Bonsai and Ornamental Pruning class, 10/8-10/22

Bonsai and Ornamental Pruning at RCC, course 175-C1, 12-3pm: An introduction to the art of bonsai and the craft of pruning. Hands-on practice creating bonsai as well as pruning techniques that apply to bonsai as well as larger ornamental trees and shrubs in the landscape. Contact the instructor ( for a list of the pruning tools and other materials you will need for class. Bonsai pots and starter plants will be available for sale or you may bring your own. Consists of 3 sessions. Instructor information and further class details visit: . More information is available at 541-956-7303.

Nursery selection

My nursery includes hardy outdoor finished bonsai in ceramic pots for gifts or yourself; outdoor bonsai starts for the bonsai hobbyist; or trees for containers. As mine is a hobby nursery, my prices are very reasonable. Rare and unusual trees and shrubs are available for planting in the garden. (I do not ship plants.)

My plants are either propagated from cuttings, many right at the Nursery;  or grown up from seedlings. Since they are not grafted they will not revert back to a different type and are usually hardier. Since they have not been shipped in from outside the area or raised in a greenhouse they are hardy and disease free. I also offer bonsai coaching.

Bonsai pot selection includes Chinese and Japanese ceramic, mica and plastic.  New handcrafted ceramic bonsai pots created by Rachel – each one unique.

Bonsai Care

The bonsai we sell are all hardy outdoor plants and will not tolerate an indoor location. The best garden exposure is morning sun with afternoon shade. If you live where the summer temperature can get in the mid 90’s or higher, it’s best to put the bonsai on the ground where the root zone can be cooler during this period. Water every day just as you would any potted flowers or other plants.

The root zone needs some winter protection when the temperature gets down to the 20’s and lower. I find the best way to do this is by putting the bonsai on the ground in a sheltered location such as underneath shrubs or trees and raking leaves over the pot. In my experience, the ceramic pots do not crack and the leaves provide adequate insulation for the plants. If it gets quite cold, in the low teens, I supplement this by putting a frost blanket such as Reemay row cover over the plants.


Summer and fall workshop schedule. Workshops are ongoing. Individual or small group lessons are always available. Consider a gift of a bonsai class for a birthday, graduation, or holiday. Call 476-6243 or email for information.


Below: New pottery selections, fall 2016. Email or phone for prices and availability.
Below: Pottery selections, winter 2015:
Below: this pottery is high fired and suitable for indoor or outdoor display, has built-in hangers at the back, or can be used flat as serving platters.
Size ranges from approx. 9×9 to 10×12. Email or phone for prices and availability.

Katsi loves the pottery
Below: Pots with bonsai (all for sale)

Katsi with bonsai

Japanese maples in autumn color

Japanese maple

‘Morris Midget’ dwarf boxwood

Dwarf balsam fir

Shimpaku juniper, Chamaecyparis ‘plumosa compresa’

‘Kingsville’ dwarf boxwood

Dwarf Japanese maple/ ‘Tom Thumb’ cotoneaster

Japanese maple
Below: Bonsai pots and pottery. Contact me for prices and availability.
Please phone 541-476-6243 or email if you'd like to come see our nursery stock (located in Grants Pass, Oregon). We also have a great selection of colorful, inexpensive Chinese bonsai pots.

VACATION BONSAI CARE (bonsai sitting): Leave town for the weekend or a month knowing your bonsai are watered and cared for. My place or yours. Cost is reasonable depending on amount of space your plants take up here at the nursery, or how much time is involved taking care of them at your home. Schedule in advance if possible. Contact Rachel for dates and details.

Rachel's finished bonsai and bonsai starts are also available for sale at Murphy Country Nursery (when in season) on Williams Highway ( in Grants Pass.

Phone 541-476-6243 or email for an appointment.